Why Do My Golf Club Irons Go Right to Left?

If you’re an avid golfer, you might have noticed that your irons have a tendency to move right-to-left when you swing. This is called a fade shot, and it’s one of the most common shots in golf. If you’re wondering why your irons tend to move right-to-left instead of left-to-right, or straight down the middle, it has to do with a few different factors. Let’s take a closer look at why your irons are moving right-to-left and how you can remedy this issue. Learn Why Do My Golf Club Irons Go Right to Left?


Why Do My Golf Club Irons Go Right to Left?

What Causes a Fade?

A fade shot is caused by two main elements: clubface angle and spin rate. The angle of your clubface determines where the ball will go; if the face is open (or pointing away from you), then it will cause the ball to veer off to the right. Likewise, if the face is closed (or pointing towards you), then it will cause the ball to travel left. Spin rate also plays a role in determining where the ball goes; if there isn’t enough spin on the ball, then it will not travel as far as intended.

Correcting Your Swing

Now that we know what causes a fade shot, let’s look at how we can correct this issue so that our irons don’t move right-to-left every time we swing them. The first thing we need to do is make sure that our grip on the club is secure but relaxed; gripping too tightly will cause us to close our clubface during our backswing and cause an unwanted fade shot. We should also focus on keeping our arms straight throughout our entire swing; any excessive bending in our arms or wrists can lead to an open clubface during impact and result in a fade shot. Finally, we should practice taking bigger swings with more power; this helps create more spin on the ball which reduces its tendency to move right-to-left while still allowing us to hit maximum distances with each swing.


No matter whether you’re just starting out or trying to improve your game, understanding why your irons are moving right-to-left can help you improve your golf skills overall. By adjusting your grip, focusing on keeping your arms straight throughout your swing, and taking bigger swings with more power, you can reduce or eliminate unwanted fades from occurring when hitting with your irons! With practice and dedication, you’ll be able to hit accurate shots consistently with all of your clubs!

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