Who Won Golf Today?

Today was a big day for golf fans everywhere, with Willie MacKenzie taking home the win at the PGA Tour event in Phoenix. MacKenzie shot an impressive 67 in round four and finished the tournament with a total score of -14, earning him his first professional victory on the tour. Let’s take a closer look at what happened today and how it all went down. Learn Who Won Golf Today?


Who Won Golf Today?

The Final Round

The final round saw some of the best golf of the tournament. It started off with a bang, as MacKenzie opened up with three birdies in his first four holes. This set the tone for his entire round, as he consistently made great shots while avoiding any major mistakes or bogeys. His playing partners weren’t quite as successful, including last week’s winner Charles Smith who struggled to find consistency throughout all four rounds of play.

MacKenzie’s Winning Putt

On 18, MacKenzie had an opportunity to clinch victory on the green, and he delivered when it mattered most by sinking an 18-foot putt for par that earned him two playoff holes against Smith and David Johnson. This would prove to be enough for MacKenzie to secure his first ever PGA Tour victory. After sinking this putt, he threw his hands up in celebration and was met by cheers from both fans and fellow players alike.


Today was a huge day for Willie MacKenzie, as he earned himself his first ever PGA Tour win at the Phoenix Open. Fans were treated to some amazing golf all weekend long and were especially excited to see it culminate in such dramatic fashion today on 18 when MacKenzie sunk his winning putt amidst thunderous applause from both spectators and players alike! Congratulations to Willie MacKenzie!

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