Which President Played the Most Golf?

There has been much debate on who played the most golf out of all of the U.S. Presidents, and the answer is dependent on your definition of “most.” To some, most could mean lifetime totals or amount during a single term in office. Let’s take a look at which President played the most golf over time, as well as a breakdown of their total rounds while in office. Learn Which President Played the Most Golf?


Which President Played the Most Golf?

The President Who Played the Most Golf Over Time

Out of all 45 U.S. Presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the one who played the most golf over his lifetime—a grand total of 800 rounds! He was also quite consistent with his rounds; he typically played 31 rounds per year before his third term in office and then increased it to 43 after his fourth election campaign. In fact, FDR is recorded as having played more golf than any other president before him or since—even though he had to use a wheelchair due to polio!

Presidential Rounds During Office Terms

One Presidential term is four years long, so let’s break down which President’s had the highest round counts during that period. Surprisingly, John F Kennedy is number one at 543 rounds during his three-year presidency! Second place goes to Bill Clinton with 513 rounds during eight years in office (including two terms). Barack Obama comes in third with 397 rounds over eight years in office (two terms). Lastly, George H W Bush finished off last place with only 79 rounds throughout his four-year presidency.


All in all, Franklin D Roosevelt wins for playing the most golf over time (800 rounds) and John F Kennedy takes first place for playing the highest amount within a single presidential term (543 rounds). While it may be hard to believe that these presidents managed to find time for such leisurely activities amongst their duties as Commander-in-Chief, there’s no denying that they made an effort to get out on the course whenever possible! For anyone looking for inspiration from past presidents on how to best manage their own game while staying busy and productive, these numbers are sure to give them some much-needed motivation!

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