What the Golf?

Just when you thought golf games had reached their peak, a new video game called “What The Golf?” is here to prove that there is still room for innovation in the genre. This quirky physics-based game turns traditional golf rules on their head and challenges players to ‘golf’ everything from cats to cars and houses. Let’s take a closer look at this creative and entertaining game. Learn What the Golf?


What the Golf?


The aim of the game is simple – you have to get your object into the hole in as few shots as possible. You can play with everything from cats to cars and even household items like TVs, chairs, and tables. It offers plenty of variety while also being challenging enough that you can feel a sense of accomplishment upon completing each level. Plus, it features several different modes such as ‘party’ mode where you can challenge your friends, or ‘crazy’ mode which adds more elements like ramps and obstacles to make things even more interesting.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics are bright and cheerful, with bold colors that help create an inviting atmosphere for players. The cartoonish art style also helps bring out the game’s humorous side without taking away from its challenge factor. As far as sound goes, it features upbeat music that fits perfectly with the fun visuals.


The biggest draw of “What The Golf?” is its replayability value – no two levels are ever quite the same so it never gets old or boring. With over 100 levels to work through, it will keep you entertained for hours on end whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends. And if its base content isn’t enough for you, there are also additional levels that can be purchased in-game too!


If you’re looking for a unique twist on traditional golf games, then look no further than “What The Golf?” This physics-based game offers plenty of variety with its quirky levels filled with cats, cars, and household items alike. Its colorful graphics and upbeat music create an inviting atmosphere while its replayability value ensures that no two levels are ever quite the same – making it perfect for gamers who want something fresh yet still challenging enough to be rewarding upon completion! Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, “What The Golf?” will keep you entertained for hours on end!

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