What is the Longest Sudden Death Playoff in Golf?

For golfers, sudden death playoffs are the ultimate test of skill, determination, and luck. They’re exciting for spectators as well, with the pressure mounting until one golfer emerges victorious. But what is the longest sudden death playoff in golf history? Let’s take a look at this historic moment in golfing lore. Learn What is the Longest Sudden Death Playoff in Golf?


What is the Longest Sudden Death Playoff in Golf?

The 1994 Bell Canadian Open marked the longest sudden death playoff in golf history. It was a five-hole competition that included Greg Norman, Nick Price, and Bob Tway. The players tied after 72 holes and battled it out over five more before Tway emerged victorious by sinking an 18-foot putt on the fifth hole. It was a thrilling conclusion to what had been an exceptionally competitive match between three of the best players in the world at that time.

The competition started on hole number 16, where all three competitors made par. On hole 17, Norman made par while Price and Tway both bogeyed; however, they both managed to make up for it on hole 18 with birdies to even out their scores again. This set up an exciting finish for holes 19 through 21 – but no one anticipated that it would go on for five holes!

It was very impressive to see these players remain so consistent over such a long period of time – especially considering how much mental energy they must have expended during those extra holes! Making par or better on each hole is hard enough under normal circumstances; doing it when your opponent is right there with you makes it much more difficult. In the end, though, Bob Tway’s determination won him his second PGA Tour victory in dramatic fashion.


The 1994 Bell Canadian Open produced one of the most memorable moments in professional golfing history – and its place as the longest sudden death playoff ever will likely remain unchallenged for many years to come! For fans of professional golfing and those who appreciate a good story, this match will live on forever as an example of how skillful play combined with sheer grit can result in success even under extraordinary pressure. Yes, this was truly a legendary moment for golfers everywhere – one worthy of celebration!

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