What is the Best Product to Clean Washing Machine?

A clean washing machine is essential to your laundry routine. Not only do you want your clothes to be fresh and clean, but a dirty washer can harbor bacteria and cause unpleasant odors and even damage the appliance. So, what’s the best way to keep your washer clean? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular products for cleaning washing machines. Learn What is the Best Product to Clean Washing Machine?

What is the Best Product to Clean Washing Machine?

What is the Best Product to Clean Washing Machine?


Bleach is an effective way to sanitize a washing machine; it will kill any germs or bacteria that may be present. It also helps remove tough stains from clothing that may have been left in the washer. When using bleach, use it in small quantities—about one cup per wash cycle—and fill the rest of the load with hot water. Be sure to use cold water for rinsing after adding bleach.


Vinegar is another great product for cleaning washing machines. Vinegar has natural disinfectant properties that make it ideal for cleaning the inside of your washer without damaging any of its components. You can add one cup of vinegar directly into your empty washing machine tub before running a cycle on hot water to sanitize it. You can also add 1/2 cup of baking soda into the drum along with the vinegar, which will help remove any dirt or grime buildup as well as any lingering odors.


Borax is another great option for cleaning your washing machine; it helps break down dirt, grime, and soap residue buildup and fights mold and mildew growth as well. Simply add 1/4 cup of borax powder directly into an empty wash cycle on hot water and let it run for about 15 minutes before stopping it and allowing it to sit overnight with the door open so that it can completely air out before you use it again.


Keeping your washing machine clean is essential for proper maintenance of this appliance as well as ensuring that your laundry stays fresh and free from bacteria or bad odors. Bleach, vinegar, and borax are all great options when choosing a product to clean a washing machine; they each provide their own unique benefits while helping to keep this important household appliance operating at top performance level! With these tips in mind, you should have no problem finding the perfect product for cleaning your own washer!

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