What is Par in Golf?

Par is an important concept in golf. It refers to the number of strokes that a golfer should take to complete each hole, and it serves as a benchmark for how players measure their performance. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what par is and why it’s so important. Learn What is Par in Golf?


What is Par in Golf?

Par is measured by the number of shots required to get the ball into the hole from the teeing area for each hole on a golf course. This can vary depending on the length of the course, but typically ranges from three to five strokes per hole. For example, on a standard 18-hole course, par might be 70 shots (3-5 shots per hole). The total par for any given course will depend on how long it is and what type of hazards are present on each hole.

Par can also be used to measure the difficulty of a course. Generally speaking, courses with higher pars are more challenging than those with lower pars. This is because they require more skill and strategic thinking to complete them successfully. Courses with higher pars usually have more obstacles or hazards that need to be navigated in order to reach the green and make par. Additionally, courses with higher pars tend to have narrower fairways and smaller greens, making them even tougher for golfers who may not have perfected their swing or accuracy yet.

It’s also worth noting that par isn’t necessarily an indication of quality; some courses may have high pars but still be enjoyable for all levels of play due to their design or other features like water hazards or bunkers which can add interest without increasing difficulty too much.


Par is an important concept in golf which measures the number of strokes needed to complete each hole. Knowing the total par for a course can help you gauge its difficulty level so you know what kind of challenge you’re up against when playing it. And while higher pars usually mean more challenging courses, they don’t always indicate quality—some high-par courses may still be enjoyable due to their design or other features like water hazards or bunkers which make them interesting without being too difficult for beginners or intermediate players alike! Understanding what par means will help you get better acquainted with your local course so you can perform at your best!

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