What is Four Ball in Golf?

Are you looking to add some exciting competition and strategy to your next golf outing? If so, four ball golf might just be the perfect game for you! This type of golf is an alternate shot format which combines two teams of two players. Each team plays their own ball throughout the round, meaning that each player must hit their own tee shot and then choose the best ball and play alternate shots until the hole is completed. Read on for a full introduction to four ball golf. Learn What is Four Ball in Golf?


What is Four Ball in Golf?

How it Works

In four ball golf, each team has two players who compete against each other over 18 holes. On each hole, both players from one team play their own ball from tee to green. At any given time, only one player from each team will have his or her ball in play. The other player serves as a caddy and assists with club selection and advice on clubbing distance—but not with advice on how to play the shot itself. The lowest score among the four balls on the hole is counted as the score for that hole; this means that if one player’s score is lower than all three others’, then his/her score will be used as the team’s score for that hole. The goal of four ball golf is to get a better score than your opponents by playing strategically and making good decisions while out on the course.

Strategy Advice

Four ball golf provides an added layer of complexity when it comes to strategy. Not only do you need to consider your own shots, but also those of your teammate when deciding which ball should be played next. Generally speaking, it’s wise to pick whichever ball is in the best position relative to where you want it or need it to be at that moment – even if it’s not yours – as long as doing so doesn’t put either player in a position that he/she cannot handle comfortably. Additionally, communication with your partner is key; conferring with them before selecting a shot can help determine which option makes more sense in terms of overall strategy rather than simply choosing based on whose shot gave them the better lie.


Four ball golf can add an extra layer of fun and competition to your next round of golf! Knowing how this game works ahead of time can help ensure that everyone has a great time out on the course. For best results, make sure both teammates are communicating well and understand what their role is during each shot selection process – this will give you a better chance at securing victory against your opponents! So grab a friend or two and head out for some friendly competition – four ball style!

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