What is an Eagle in Golf?

Have you ever heard someone say they got an “eagle” on the golf course and wondered what it meant? An eagle is a term used to describe a score of two strokes under par on any given hole. A hole can be played as par 3, 4, or 5 depending on the length of the hole. An eagle occurs when a golfer completes the hole in two strokes under its designated par value. For example, if a golfer completes a par 5 hole in three strokes, they have achieved an eagle. Learn What is an Eagle in Golf?


What is an Eagle in Golf?

Scoring an Eagle

Scoring an eagle is not easy; it requires skill and precision from tee to green. It is important for golfers to make sure that their shots are accurate and well-executed in order to have any chance of achieving the feat. Golfers should consider their club choice carefully before hitting off each shot by taking into consideration factors such as wind speed and direction.

The likelihood of scoring an eagle increases with practice and experience; as golfers become more familiar with different courses and techniques, they increase their chances of recording this impressive accomplishment. Additionally, having knowledge of certain techniques such as chipping and sand trap play can help lower one’s score significantly which can lead to possible eagles on shorter holes.

Eagles vs Birdies

An eagle is different from a birdie in that it is two strokes under par instead of one stroke under par; therefore, it is more difficult to achieve than a birdie but rewards the player with more points towards their overall scorecard total. While both hold special significance within the world of golf, the difference between them lies within how many strokes it takes to complete the hole relative to its designated par value.


An eagle should be something every golfer strives for during a round of golf because not only does it give them bragging rights amongst their fellow players but also because achieving one lowers one’s overall scorecard total which can make all the difference at the end of a competitive match or tournament. Scoring an eagle requires skill and finesse but with practice, determination, and knowledge about various techniques, anyone can experience this rewarding feeling!

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