What is a Shotgun Start in Golf?

As an avid golfer, you’ve probably heard of the term “shotgun start” used in tournaments and other golf events. But what exactly does it mean? A shotgun start is a type of tournament start where all groups tee off at the same time from different holes on the course. This type of start is designed to ensure that all golfers finish their rounds at or around the same time, making it ideal for large-scale tournaments. Let’s take a closer look at what makes a shotgun start so beneficial for golfing events. Learn What is a Shotgun Start in Golf?


What is a Shotgun Start in Golf?

Why Use a Shotgun Start?

The main purpose of using a shotgun start is to keep everyone on the same timeline. This eliminates any issues with slow play or groups holding up others behind them as they work through each hole. With a shotgun start, all players can begin their round from different holes at once and move through their game simultaneously. As such, there’s no waiting for other players to finish before you can move on to your next shot; you simply move onto the next hole when your group has completed the current one.

Another advantage of using a shotgun start is that it allows organizers to fit large groups into smaller spaces by having multiple tee boxes open at once rather than all players starting from one hole then moving down the line. This comes in handy if you’re hosting larger events, such as charity tournaments and corporate outings, where having everyone tee off simultaneously helps speed up the game and ensures that everyone has an enjoyable experience despite being part of an extremely large field.

What Else Should You Know About Shotgun Starts?

Shotgun starts are usually only used in larger tournaments due to how long they take to set up compared to regular tournament starts. For example, it takes significantly more time for organizers to assign tee times and designate which groups will be playing on each hole than it does for them to just assign each group its own tee time and have them play through consecutively. Additionally, since this type of tournament requires more manpower—from scorekeepers keeping track of who’s playing each hole when—it may not be feasible for smaller-scale events like club championships or local league games.


All in all, shotgun starts are excellent tools for organizing large-scale golfing events like charity tournaments and corporate outings because they help facilitate faster play while still allowing everyone involved to fully enjoy themselves without having to wait too long between shots or holes. However, due to the extra manpower required and longer setup times compared to regular tournament starts, this type of event isn’t suited for every occasion; be sure you consider how many people will be participating before deciding whether or not it’s right for your event!

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