What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove on?

For many golfers, finding the right glove is just as important as finding the right club. But what hand do you wear a golf glove on? Which hand is most comfortable and provides the best grip? Let’s take a look at why wearing a golf glove is important and how to choose the correct one for your game. Learn What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove on?


What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove on?

Why Wear a Golf Glove?

A lot of golfers don’t understand why they need to wear a glove when they can simply use their hands. Wearing a golf glove gives you more control over your shots, helping you maintain your grip throughout each swing. That’s because gloves are designed with higher-quality material that helps absorb sweat and provide better traction between your hand and the club. This means that you won’t have to adjust your grip every few swings, which can be disruptive to your concentration. Additionally, wearing a golf glove can prevent blisters from forming on your hands due to constant contact with the club.

Which Hand Should You Wear It On?

Typically, left-handed players should wear their gloves on their left hands while right-handed players should wear theirs on their right hands. However, some players prefer wearing them in the opposite hand so that it doesn’t interfere with their dominant hand when taking shots. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference—but make sure whichever hand you choose has enough grip strength to hold onto the club without slipping or shaking during swings.

What Type of Glove Is Best?

The type of glove you need depends largely on factors such as weather conditions and whether or not you’re playing indoors or outdoors. Generally speaking, leather gloves offer superior breathability and durability compared to synthetic materials like nylon or spandex. If you play in hot climates, consider choosing a pair made from cooling fabrics that wick away sweat quickly and keep your hands dryer for longer periods of time. In cold climates, opt for thicker gloves with insulation built into them for extra warmth during those chilly morning rounds.


No matter what type of golfer you are—left-handed or right-handed—it’s essential that you find the right golf glove for your game. Not only does this help improve your performance by giving you better control over each shot, but it also prevents blisters from forming due to prolonged contact with clubs and other surfaces. When deciding which hand to put your glove on, remember that this is ultimately up to personal preference—just make sure whichever one you choose offers plenty of grip strength so that it doesn’t slip or shake during swings! With these tips in mind, now go out there and find yourself the perfect pair of golf gloves!

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