What Does Liv Golf Stand for?

Golf is a popular sport that has been played for centuries. In recent years, there has been an increase in female golfers on the professional tour. This increase can be attributed to the founding of Liv Golf, a company dedicated to empowering women in golf. But what does Liv Golf stand for? Let’s take a look at how this company is helping to shape the future of women’s golf. learn What Does Liv Golf Stand for?


What Does Liv Golf Stand for?

The Mission of Liv Golf

Liv Golf was founded in 2017 with the mission of encouraging more women and girls to take up the sport of golf. The company provides an array of services and products designed to make it easier and more accessible for women to get involved in golf. This includes everything from instructional clinics to apparel and equipment specifically designed for female players. By providing these resources, Liv Golf hopes to create a more inclusive atmosphere on the course and help level the playing field between men and women when it comes to golfing opportunities.

The Meaning Behind the Name

When deciding on a name for their company, founders Emily Tubert and Gordon Tuft wanted something that would reflect their mission of empowering women through golf. They eventually settled on “Liv” because it is derived from Latin words meaning “life” and “to live” and represents the idea that life should be lived with passion and purpose. By choosing this name, they hoped to communicate their enthusiasm for helping others discover the joys of playing golf while also inspiring them to live life with purpose and intentionality.

Making a Difference

Since its inception, Liv Golf has made great strides towards achieving its mission of making golf more accessible for female players. From offering instructional clinics all over the country, selling top-of-the-line equipment specifically designed for female players, providing apparel tailored for female athletes, hosting events such as Ladies Play Days around the country, and partnering with other organizations like Girls on Course Foundation—Liv Golf is doing its part to ensure that every woman has access to all aspects of the game regardless of her skill level or experience.


Liv Golf stands for much more than just another sporting goods brand; it stands for empowering women through an appreciation of one of sports oldest traditions – playing a round of golf! By giving females access to resources they need in order to play confidently on any course, Liv Golf is making sure that everyone has an equal chance at success regardless of gender or experience level when it comes time to tee off! If you are looking forward being part of something bigger than yourself – then join us as we work together towards creating a more inclusive atmosphere out on the links!  #livgolf #empoweringwomeningolf #ladiesplaydays #girlsoncoursefoundation #leveltheplayingfield #equalchanceatsuccessinGolfing #teeoffwithconfidence #livewithpurposeandintentionality

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