What does E in Golf Mean?

When reading golf scores, you may have come across the letter “E” next to one player’s score. What does this mean? Is it a good or bad score? Let’s take a look What does E in Golf Mean? and why it might appear on your scorecard.

What Does E In Golf Mean?

The letter “E” stands for the word equal. It means that the player has scored at par or even with the course’s par rating. This is often considered a good score because it means that the golfer has kept up with or beaten the average scoring rate for that particular course. If a player is playing on a course with a par of 72 and they are able to shoot an even-par round, they have achieved something quite impressive.

It is important to note that while an even-par round can be excellent, it isn’t always indicative of success. Even if someone shoots an even-par round, they can still be far behind their competitors if everyone else did better than par. The key to success when playing golf is not just getting an even-par round, it’s about achieving your best possible score compared to everyone else in your group.

Additionally, there are other abbreviations associated with golf such as B (birdie), P (par), and B9 (bogey). Knowing these abbreviations will help you understand any golf scores you come across during a game or tournament.


The letter “E” in golf stands for equal, which signifies that a player has matched or exceeded their course’s par rating. While this is often considered a good score, it doesn’t always guarantee success as other players may have done better than par as well. By familiarizing yourself with all of the different terms associated with golf scores, including E for equal and B for birdie, you will be able to understand any scores you come across when playing or watching tournaments and games. So now that you know what E in golf means, get out there and hit some balls!

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