What Does 69 Mean in Golf?

Golf is a game of great precision. Every shot matters and every hole counts, which is why golfers take their scoring system so seriously. One score that you may have heard on the golf course but aren’t sure about is the number 69. If you’re wondering what does 69 mean in golf, then read on to learn more about this unique score.

What Does 69 Mean in Golf?

The Origins of the Score 69

Despite rumors, the score 69 has nothing to do with its innuendo-like connotations. In fact, it dates all the way back to 1758 when golfers used a six-hole format for their rounds rather than the 18-hole format we know today. The lowest possible score for a six-hole round was two strokes under par (2 under par) — or 6⅔— resulting in the “6⅔ system” being used by golfers at that time. As a result, many clubs would put up a sign showing “69” as an indicator of how impressive it was to shoot three strokes under par (3 under par). Nowadays, shooting just one stroke under par (1 under par) is considered equally impressive — so much so that it still carries with it an undeniable mystique and respect among golfers and spectators alike.

How is Achieving a Score of 69 Recognized?

For experienced golfers who are able to achieve this difficult feat during their round, there are several ways in which they can be recognized for their accomplishment, depending on where they are playing, anyway! Some clubs have special awards for players who hit a score of 69 during their round; others will allow them to write “69” alongside their name in the club record book; while some will simply acknowledge them with words of praise from other players on the course. Whatever form recognition takes, there’s no doubt that scoring below par is always worth celebrating.


If you ever hear someone mention the term “69” on the green or at your local clubhouse, you now know what it means! While its origins don’t reflect any meaning beyond being two strokes below par in a six-hole game format, achieving a score of 69 has become synonymous with excellence across all levels of play. So next time you’re out playing 18 holes and see someone put down an impressive number like 69 on their card – be sure to give them a nod of respect and appreciation! They deserve it!

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