How to Walk on Treadmill to Lose Weight?

Walking on a treadmill is one of the best ways to lose weight. Not only is it low impact, but it can also help you burn calories and build muscle. Plus, it’s easy to do and doesn’t require any additional equipment or special clothing. Read on to learn how to walk on a treadmill for weight loss in three simple steps! Learn How to Walk on Treadmill to Lose Weight?

How to Walk on Treadmill to Lose Weight?

Step 1: Set Your Speed

The speed of your treadmill will depend on your fitness level and goals. If you are new to exercise, start with a slow pace of around 3-4 mph and gradually work your way up as your stamina increases. For those looking for more intensive workouts, walking at 6 mph or higher can be beneficial for burning calories.

Step 2: Increase the Incline

Increasing the incline of the treadmill can help add intensity to your workout and increase calorie burn. Start by setting the incline at 1%, then slowly increase it in increments until you reach an incline that is comfortable but challenging enough that you are still pushing yourself.

Step 3: Vary Your Workout

Varying your workout routine is key when it comes to weight loss. Try alternating between running and walking on the treadmill, as well as changing up the speed and incline every few minutes to keep your body guessing. This will not only help keep you motivated but also ensure that you are getting the most out of each session.
Feel free to also incorporate short bursts of sprinting into your routine if you feel comfortable doing so; this will further increase calorie burn and help build muscle tone.


Walking on a treadmill is an effective way to lose weight without putting too much strain on your joints or muscles. It’s important to remember that consistency is key when trying to achieve any fitness goal, so make sure that you stick with a regular routine in order to see results over time. By following these three simple steps, anyone can begin their journey towards healthier living today!

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