How to Move a Treadmill?

Moving a treadmill can be an intimidating task but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and steps, you can easily move your treadmill from one spot to another without damaging the machine or yourself. Whether you are moving a treadmill for maintenance purposes or relocating it to another room in your home, we’ve got you covered with our guide on how to move a treadmill. Learn How to Move a Treadmill?

How to Move a Treadmill?

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

The first step in moving your treadmill is gathering the supplies you will need. You will need two people, a dolly, and some heavy-duty straps or rope. If you don’t have these supplies, many hardware stores carry them for purchase. Make sure that the straps or rope are strong enough to support the weight of your treadmill.

Step 2: Remove Cords and Detach Pieces

Before attempting to move your treadmill, make sure that all cords and pieces are removed and detached from the machine. This includes power cords as well as any pieces such as trays or cup holders that may be attached. This step ensures that no pieces get damaged during the move but also reduces the overall weight of the machine so it is easier to maneuver into new spaces.

Step 3: Secure The Machine Onto The Dolly

Now it’s time to lift your machine onto the dolly securely using heavy-duty straps or rope. Make sure that the machine is balanced on top of the dolly and is securely fastened down so it won’t shift during transport. Once secured onto the dolly, double check all straps and pieces before beginning movement with two people pushing either side of the dolly at once.


Moving a treadmill does not have to be difficult if done properly with two people utilizing proper equipment and safety precautions along with following our guide on how to move a treadmill safely! After ensuring all cords are removed from the machine and detached pieces are taken off followed by securing your machine onto a dolly with heavy-duty straps or rope, you should feel confident in successfully moving this big piece of equipment from point A to B! Good luck!

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