How to Hit a Draw in Golf?

If you’ve been playing golf for a while, you may have heard of the term “draw.” A draw is a type of golf shot that curves from right to left (for a right-handed golfer) and is one of the most sought-after shots on the course. While it takes some practice to perfect, knowing how to hit a draw can drastically improve your game and help you lower your scores. Let’s take a look at how you can master the draw in golf. Learn How to Hit a Draw in Golf?


How to Hit a Draw in Golf?

Grip Change

The first step in mastering the draw is modifying your grip. You should try holding the club with more pressure on your left hand than on your right hand and turn it slightly counterclockwise so that the clubface sits more parallel to your target line when addressing the ball. This will enable you to create an open clubface angle at impact which will cause the ball to curve from right-to-left (for a right handed golfer).

Body Turn & Posture

In addition to changing your grip, you also need to adjust your body position as well as your turn during backswing. You should aim for an upright posture and ensure that both arms are extended outwards away from your chest after taking address. During backswing, make sure that both arms remain extended and keep turning until your left arm reaches parallel with the ground. This will allow you to create enough power for distance while still keeping control over accuracy of direction and shape of trajectory.

A Correct Finish Position

Finally, make sure that after completing each swing, you end up in a good finish position—one with little movement or swaying of hips/shoulders during follow-through action—which allows more control over direction and shape of trajectory during impact with ball. This is key as it ensures correct contact between clubface and ball which will ultimately determine if shot curves correctly or not. When done correctly, this combination of grip change, body turn & posture adjustment along with correct finish position should help bring about desired results—a nice draw off tee!


To sum it up, hitting a draw off tee requires some practice but once mastered brings great rewards in terms of improved scores on course as well as increased self-confidence levels when facing tough shots! Keep in mind that this technique does take time but if done correctly has potential for becoming mainstay shot for anyone looking for extra yards off tee without sacrificing accuracy! So what are you waiting for? Grab those clubs and get out there today! Start practicing those draws! With some patience and perseverance, soon enough you’ll be able to hit those long drives consistently straight down fairway while others watch in envy! Good luck!

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