How to Care for Dog After Spay Surgery?

Getting your dog spayed is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Spaying helps reduce the number of unwanted dogs in the world, and it has numerous health benefits for your pup as well. But after they have been spayed, you need to know how to properly care for your dog in order to help them heal and recover quickly. Learn How to Care for Dog After Spay Surgery?

How to Care for Dog After Spay Surgery?

Post-Surgery Care Instructions

Most veterinarians will provide specific instructions for caring for your pup after surgery, so make sure you follow these instructions closely. Generally speaking, though, here are some tips that can help you take care of your furry friend:

• Restrict Activity – It’s important to limit activity for at least one week after surgery. This means no running or jumping until the incision site has had time to heal. Keep walks short and calm during this time.
• Monitor Potty Breaks – Make sure you stay with your pup while they’re outside going to the bathroom during their recovery period. This helps ensure that they don’t accidentally open their stitches or engage in any other activity that could delay healing.
• Change Dressings – If dressings have been placed on the incision site, make sure you change them as directed by your veterinarian. This prevents infection and keeps the area clean while it heals.
• Check Incision Site – Every day check the incision site for signs of swelling or redness which could indicate infection or other complications. If you notice anything off about the incision site, contact your veterinarian immediately for further instructions.
• Provide Comfort – Dogs are usually a bit uncomfortable after surgery due to pain from the incision site as well as from being away from home and having a procedure done in general. Provide extra comfort in the form of cuddles, soft bedding, and plenty of treats!


Proper care after spay surgery is essential to helping your pup heal quickly and comfortably! By following these tips—and making sure to follow any additional instructions given by your veterinarian—you can give them all the extra TLC they need to get back on their paws again soon! With proper post-surgery care, both you and your pup can get through this process together safely and happily!

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