How Much is Top Golf?

If you’ve ever wanted to hit a few golf balls and have some fun, Top Golf is the place to be. With its unique combination of competitive golfing and social atmosphere, it’s become one of the most popular destinations for experienced players and novices alike. But how much does it cost? That depends on where you go and what options you choose. Let’s dive right in and explore how much playing at Top Golf can cost. Learn How Much is Top Golf?

How Much is Top Golf?

The Cost of Playing at Top Golf

The cost of a game of TopGolf varies depending on which location you visit. Generally speaking, an hour-long game costs between $25-$45 per person (the price usually increases during peak hours), while a half-hour game costs between $15-$30 per person. The prices also vary depending on how many people are playing – up to six people can play together in one bay.

TopGolf also offers two membership programs: The Elite Membership ($125/year) and the Premier Membership ($250/year). Both memberships offer discounts on games and access to exclusive events and promotions, but the Elite Membership is more suited for casual golfers who want to save money while enjoying their time at TopGolf, while the Premier Membership is best suited for serious golfers who want access to special benefits like free club rentals, discounts on food, free rounds of golf each month, etc.

If you’re looking for something different than the standard game of golf, then TopGolf has plenty to offer! They have other activities like virtual reality experiences, laser tag, bowling alleys – all with their own pricing structure. Prices typically range from $10-$25 per person per activity. Depending on your location they also offer additional events such as trivia nights or live music performances – again with their own pricing structures that range depending on the type of event.


Whether you’re a novice or an experienced golfer looking for some fun competition or just looking for something different than your usual day out at the course, playing at TopGolf could be right up your alley (no pun intended). Prices vary depending on which location you visit and what activities you choose – but whatever your choice may be there’s sure to be something that fits both your budget and preferences! So don’t wait any longer – come down to your local TopGolf today!

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